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Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep
Language Guide

Comprehension Questions:

·       Look over the cover. What do you think the story is about?

·       Name the letters in the title.

·       Note that SH is a consonant blend. Practice its sound. What does it mean?

·       Read the book using volume, pitch and tone variation.

·       Who is the main Character? Why do you think so?

·       Do you know anybody like Zachary?

·       What happened to Zachary when he put his black glasses on?

·       How did Zachary stop Mr. Wind?

·       Why did the baby bird squawk?

·       How did the train wake up Layla?

·       How did the train help Layla fall asleep?

·       What did the grizzly bear give Layla?

·       What did Zachary learn by the end of the story?

·       What is your favorite part of the story? Why?

Finish the Sentence:

·       The baby’s blanket flew out of the _______________.

·       Zachary flew the baby bird right back to its soft ________.

·       Super Zachary zoomed up to the whistle and tied it down with a ___________.

·       “Come aboard,” said the friendly __________________.

·       At that moment a giant grizzly bear stomped out of the _____________.

·       Zachary leaped into action and jumped on the bear’s __________.

·       “I love my little _______________.”

Name the Shapes:

On the page that says,"Mom smiled and handed him a book."

·       What shape are the wheels on the stroller/

·       What shape is the book?

·       What shape is the Kid’s Corner decal on Zachary’s shirt?

·       What shape are the eyebrows?

Consonant Blend Song

(Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Sh, sh, sh don’t cry.

Quiet, not a peep.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Layla goes to sleep.

Br, Br, Br, it’s cold.

Mister Wind blows strong.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Layla sleeps so long.

Th, th, th thank you,

Said the little bird.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Layla never heard.

Ch, ch, ch the train

Whistled down the line.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Layla sleeps just fine.

Gr, gr, gr growled bear.

Won’t you come and play?

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Layla sleeps all day.

Consonant Blend Musical Chairs

·       Line up chairs in a circle facing out.

·       On 8” by 11” card stock write various consonant blends. Place them face down on the chairs.

·       Walk around the circle singing the consonant blend song. When finished, each child picks up a card and sits.

·       Taking turns around the circle, the children say the blend on their card.

·       If they cannot read it, they must leave the game. Remove their chair.

Consonant Blend Action Rhyme!

Consonant blends are fun to do.

Read them all with me, won’t you?

         Float and flutter in the sun.

Twist and twirl and have some fun.

Dribble and drive down the street.

Crawl and crouch on your own feet.

Swing and swim on the big lake.

Prance on in and bake a cake.

Try to fly up in the sky.

Fry some eggs and ask me why.

Consonant blends really rock.

Practice them around the clock!

Activities for Rap

1. Have fun reciting this rhyme.
2. Create actions for this rhyme and perform it together as a class.
3. Let the children do a movement exploration activity with this rhyme.
4. Have the children circle all the consonant blends that they can find in the rhyme.
5. Create a book by drawing pictures for each line of this rhyme.

Dolch Sight Words
Find and circle these words:
on  the  it  big  an  and  see

in  said  not  to  can  I   do

b  t  h  e  s  z  I  t  d

o  n  a  b  i  g  h  a  n

s  t  n  c  a  n  e  i  f

e  o  d  o  i  s  a  i  d

e  g  p  j  n  q  n  o  t

Beanbag Hoop Toss

1. Hang five hoops from the ceiling at various heights.

2. Write sh, br, th, ch, and gr on one index card each.

3. Tape each card to a hoop.

4. Let the children toss a beanbag through a hoop and then say the blend.

5. For a variation the children should say a word that starts with each blend.

Consonant Blends Stepping Stones

1. Create a winding river on the floor using masking tape.
2. Create five groups of five stepping-stones. One group should be all sh words, one group br words, one group th words, one group ch words, and one group gr words.
3. Have the children line up in five groups, and take turns hopping from stone to stone saying each of the blends they land on.

Consonant Blend Worksheet
Add th     Add gr    Add ch     Add br    Add sh

___rush    ____ip    ____op    ____own    ____ake
____at      ____ind     ____eap      ____and        ____ut
____in   ____ape   ____arm     ____ide     ____eep
____ink   ____ow    ____in     ____ing      ____ape
____ose   ____and   ____at      ____an     ____ock
____ese     ____it    ____ill     ____oad     ____ine

____igh    ____eet    ____ew    ____ight      ____ot
____row   ____eat  ____uck    ____eak      ____op

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