Title:                             Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep
Written by:                  Kathy Stemke
Illustrated by:              Jack Foster
Soft cover:                    22 pages
Ages:                             3-7
Publisher:                    Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
Print ISBN 13:            978-1-61633-156-6
eBook ISBN 13:          978-1-61633-157-7
Published:                   May 2011
Print Price:                 $10.95
eBook Price:               $5.00

Zachary’s time was no longer his own with his new found big brother responsibilities. Beyond his normal chores he is now expected to help all the time. To make it fun Zachary turns into a superhero when he wears his special black-framed glasses. The most difficult task at hand was to keep Layla sleeping during nap time. But how can one young boy accomplish this when there are many outside forces threatening Layla’s slumber?

Have no fear, superhero Zachary is here to save the day from strong breezes, chirping birds, train whistles, and a grizzly bear who means no harm. Through Ms. Stemke’s expert rhyme and consonant blends storytelling Zachary learns what family is all about and what it truly takes to be a good big brother.

Children’s author, Kathy Stemke spins an adventurous imagination of big brother responsibilities into a delightful tale accompanied with a comprehensive teacher’s learning guide making for a winning combination of a must have book for libraries and classrooms around the globe.

Jack Foster’s brilliant illustrations soar from the pages into your child’s imagination making reading a pure delight.
Donna Mc Dine
Award Winning Author
This is an amazing book for children, based on a boy named Zachary who has a new little sister. Zachary isn't always happy about having his new sister Layla, but his mother counts on him to help with her care. He goes to get a diaper and ends up falling asleep and dreaming that he is a super hero. Throughout the book, he defeats many foes to protect his little sister. In the end, he wakes up and realizes how much he really loves his little sister.

The illustrations for the book are very colorful, and I think that Jack Foster (illustrator) did an excellent job depicting Zachary's character. The colorful pictures of all the characters obviously held A.J.'s attention in the video, and I think that shows how much this author/illustrator combination thinks about the young reader. I am very pleased with both the writing and illustrations for the book.

From a storyline perspective, this is a topic to which many students can relate. As a teacher, we often see students struggle with the birth/adoption of a new sibling. What I really like about the storyline is how he learns to care for his little sister, and why she needs her big brother! I think this is something many children can relate to, and it sets up a great plot with a neat conclusion.

In amongst the story line, there are some great phonics skills! There are blends and digraphs throughout the whole book, and there is also a rhyming element. This makes the book fun to read, as most younger students love to make sounds with their mouths, and even movements could be added to this. The blend/digraph focus is great, because it teachers several of them in the story, and they are also sound focused, which would make a great reading lesson.

One of the neatest features in the book are the comprehension questions, and all the activities to go with the story. This is highly unusual, unless you are purchasing a book directly from an educational publisher. I really like the fact that Kathy has taken the time to come up with so many great activities, and even a song. This is one of those types of books that could be timeless, and children could enjoy for many generations.

Stephanie Brandt
Reading specialist
In Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep, Kathy Stemke tells a story that children, especially those who have younger siblings, can relate to. Zachary's life takes a drastic change when a baby sister enters it. He puts on his special glasses and uses his creative imagination to become a superhero and quiet all the wild and noisy commotions that disturb her sleep. Each page of this delightful book is filled with bold, colorful illustrations by Jack Foster and has cute rhymes, which add to the fun. As an added bonus, there are games, word puzzles, a song, and rhymes at the end of the book. It's a great book for home and the classroom.
Connie Arnold

Having a new baby in the house can be a stressful situation for the parents, but don't forget the affect it has on the baby's older siblings. This is the premise of Kathy Stemke's delightful children's picture book, Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep.

Before Layla joined the family, Zachary's time was his own, whether playing, feeding the bird, or going to school. Now, his time revolves around the needs of his baby sister. His mother needs this for the baby and she needs that for the baby. And, shhhh, Zachary needs to be sure Layla doesn't wake up. And, he's just about fed-up.

Escaping the annoying and boring tasks that his mother asks of him for the baby, Zachary dons a pair of black-rimmed glasses and turns into what every little boy would love to be . . . a superhero. And, in superhero-mode he saves his baby sister from a ferocious bear, a tooting train, and a number of other calamities that either scare or awaken little Layla. One action adventure after another.

Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep is a story that children will absolutely love and will easily be able to relate to. How many children get annoyed that they're no longer the center of attention, or that they have to help take care of the baby, or that the family revolves around the baby's needs. Stemke addresses this issue in a fun-filled manner that shows children who feel this way, they are not alone and all is not lost.

With amazing and vivid full page illustrations and witty rhymes that lend themselves to teaching children consonant blends, this story will be a wonderful addition to every child's library, as well as the classroom.

At the end of the book, Stemke includes a "Teacher Supplement" that includes:

* The link to a template of thick black-framed glasses that Zachary wore
* Comprehension questions
* A consonant blend song
* A consonant blend musical chairs game
* A consonant blend worksheet
* Dolch Sight Words Recognition exercise
* Instructions for Beanbag Hoop Toss
* And more

Between the story, the illustrations, and the back-of-the-book teacher supplement, children, parents, and teachers will all find Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep a real treasure.

Karen Cioffi
Author, Ghostwriter, and Freelance Writer
Day's End Lullaby

Thank goodness for big brothers. When Zachary dons his glasses his imagination is unleashed, and he gains super powers. His little sister, Layla, is in his charge. Forces threaten to wake her, but Zachary stomps on their plans.
A big brother or older sibling may feel displaced with a new baby in the picture. Kathy Stemke’s book shows children how to adopt a new role as protector and have fun using their imagination.
Keeping an eye on a sleeping baby could be boring, but not for Zachary. He takes the baby for a walk and uses his imagination to add spice to the trip. 
As he imagines everything from silencing a train’s whistle to a bear’s growl children are spell bound by the colorful illustrations by Jack Foster.
For an added treat, the book introduces consonant blends within the text and lessons in the back of the book. Stemke’s experience as a teacher is exercised by the added lessons and supply teachers with ready-made lessons.
The "Teacher Supplement" includes:

* The link to a template of thick black-framed glasses that Zachary wore
* Comprehension questions
* A consonant blend song
* A consonant blend musical chairs game
* A consonant blend worksheet
* Dolch Sight Words Recognition exercise
* Instructions for Beanbag Hoop Toss
* And more
I highly recommend Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep!
Jessica Aday Kennedy
I have recently had the opportunity to review, "Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep." I had a little help reviewing this book the kids enjoyed the bright pictures and the fun story. As you can imagine they could also relate to the title as that is something that echoes through this house.

The story is about a little boy, Zachary who has just welcomed a new baby sister into the family. As he adjusts to his new sister we go on an adventure where he protects his little sister from all kinds of perils. When Zachary dons his black framed glasses he becomes a super hero brother.
My favorite part of this book is not the story, as much as it is the way the story is told. It focuses on consonant blends and the teacher in me loves fun ways to reinforce what the kids are already learning. It is a fun story full of imagination but for me Kathy has saved the best part for the last with all sorts of teacher resources and activities at the end of the book. Well done Kathy!
Glenda Cates
Mommies Point of View 
Zachary then gets to read to his sister to help her sleep. That was easy, but when he takes her for a walk afterwards, disaster strikes as the wind blows Layla’s blanket off. Well, being a super hero, Zachary Lasso’s the wind so it can’t cause anymore mischief.

Then a thrush falls to the ground out of its nest. Layla is amazed when her brother puts the bird back into its nest again, safe and sound. One after another, events happen that disturb Layla’s sleep and scares her, and each time Zachary flies to the rescue solving the problem.

When the day is done Zachary discovers something about himself. Will his revelation give him strength to conquer life’s many challenges?

This story is filled with consonant blends hidden in a delightful story for young children who are just beginning to read. This 20 page picture book shows children that having a younger sibling can be fun and not an inconvenience. The illustrations are bold and bright which will catch even the youngest child’s attention.

What parents will love the most is the great activities in the back of the book to help children focus on consonant blend sounds. The author has created songs, games, and worksheets to keep learning fun and to help with blends that children will be learning about in school. These activities reinforce the words that will make learning blends easier to do. The activities can be played over and over again.
Renee Hand
Award Winning Author