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More reviews for TROUBLE ON EARTH DAY!

RECYCLE old crayons by making a multi-colored one like this!  It writes in many colors! Kids love it! this is just one of the craft projects found in Trouble on Earth Day.

In our ever changing world, we are urged to "go green" everywhere and every way we can. Trouble on Earth Day, written by Kathy Stemke and illustrated by Kurt Wilckin, teaches children what they can do to help the earth stay green. Stemke's cute and fun book isn't just for kids, it is full of activities and crafts for teachers or home school parents to use with their students. The book pulls the reader into one family's creative ways to Rethink, Reuse and Recycle.

Meet Shelby Squirrel, winner of the Earth Day Poster Competition. Shelby is so excited to win a 1st place ribbon in the contest, her enthusiasm bubbles over to her whole family.

Dad Squirrel finds old clothes to make a quilt. Mom Squirrel finds some nuts to make a wreath, even though Shelby thought they were useless. Then Shelby makes friends with a sad bluebird and uses her rethinking and reusing skills to build him. a nest after his home was reduced to a stump.

Stemke uses Rethink instead of Reduce on Shelby's poster. I love the new spin it gives on ways to make our earth a better place. Sometimes you can't reduce, you have to rethink and come up with a new solution to an old problem.

I did expect Shelby to get into some sort of trouble in Trouble on Earth Day, instead she helped Charlie bluebird in his troubles.

The Educator's Edition includes songs, activities, recycled crafts, worksheets, word activities and comprehension questions that helps children learn more about Earth Day. Stemke makes learning fun and gets kids empowered to change the way their family recycles. Her Fuzzy Squirrel Song left me singing the I'm a Little Teapot tune all day!

Wilckin's illustrations add great details to the book. Dad Squirrel isn't reading just any newspaper, he is reading the "Daily Nut." On Shelby's poster, Rethink is shown with a florescent light bulb. Charlie, the little blue bird, wears and baseball cap and plays guitar. Those fun little touches make the characters come alive.

Trouble on Earth Day gets the whole family going green! I would highly recommend it for young readers ages 4 to 8.

Review by Pam Maynard

*Picture book, fantasy but gives a true message about Earth Day and recycling
*Young Shelby Squirrel as main character
*Rating: Trouble On Earth Day is a sweet story for young children to introduce them to Earth Day and/or recycling. The best and absolute most valuable part of this book is the resource section for teachers (and parents) in the back of the book. There are activities, games, questions, and more!

Short, short summary:

Shelby Squirrel won a poster contest at her school, and she explains to her parents what RETHINK, REUSE, and RECYCLE means. As they are trying to figure out different ways they can re-use materials around their house, Shelby hears a cry for help from the outside. She runs to find a bird who has no material for a nest–Shelby and her recycling ways to the rescue!

So, what do I do with this book?
Well, I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so I’m not going to put a bunch of activities here. But here’s a preview of what you will find in the back of the book:

  • Discussion questions on the importance of trees, birds, and recycling
  • Going Green game
  • Craft ideas made from recycled products like toilet paper rolls and ice cream cartons
  • A to Z Let’s Go Green list
  • Search-a-word
  • Songs!
Reviewed by Margo Dill

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