Friday, August 12, 2011


In order for a new author to succeed, her book must be seen by many people.

If possible, please send out the following announcement to your list of email addresses, groups or newsletters. Please email me with the number of people on your list for my records. This will help me get the word out and sign future contracts with publishers. Thank you in advance for your help.


Author/educator Kathy Stemke, has released her book, Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep. This action-packed book tackles the age-old problem of sibling rivalry while concentrating on consonant blends. When Zachary puts on his glasses, he becomes a superhero, enabling him to protect his new baby sister from noisy trains, birds and bears. The teacher supplement includes comprehension questions, songs, worksheets and activities.

Please help Kathy get her rating up by buying this book for $9.95 on SEPTEMBER 1st from

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  1. I'll surely put your announcement on my blog Kathy. Good luck.

  2. Hi Kathy - love the blog you set up just for this book! Great idea! I wish you the best of luck! In addition to the usual bookstores, this would be a wonderful book at a hospital gift shop. People are always bringing in gifts for the new baby and the older sibling is left out. It would be a nice gift with such a touching, yet humorous lesson in it. HAPPY SALES!!!

  3. Congrats on new blog, Kathy. Wish I knew lots of people with kidlets to turn them on to this, but I'll do my best.
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson

  4. Hi Maeve and Carolyn. Thanks for following me on my new blog. I love your idea of getting it into hospital gift shops. I'm going to see what I can do about that in my local hospital for a start.

  5. I want to thank Margot Finke for posting my announcement to her 1600 followers on facebook.

    Thank you Maeve for retweeting this announcement several times on twitter.

    Thanks for your helping hand!!