Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sh Sh Sh Let the baby Sleep: Famous Brother/Sister Pairs!

In Kathy Stemke’s new picture book, Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep, we find big brother Zachary a little jealous of his new baby sister.  Layla’s needs come first now. When given the job of keeping her asleep, he encounters all kinds of trouble. Zachary has a secret weapon! When he wears his thick black glasses, he has super powers! He rescues her from birds, bears, and all kinds of dangers. In the end, he makes a heartwarming discovery.  This action packed book with clever rhymes focuses on teaching consonant blends. The teacher supplement includes comprehension questions, songs, worksheets and activities.
The illustrator, Jack Foster, does a fantastic job depicting the action and humor of this heartwarming story. 
Zachary and Layla are sure to go down in history as a famous pair of siblings.  That got me thinking of other famous sibling pairs…….
Here are some that I’ve already got floating around my head:
·         Hansel and Gretel team up to find a witch.

·         Raggedy Ann and Andy dress in primary colors.

·         Marsha and Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch put their heads together to solve family problems.

·         The Bobbsey Twins solve mysteries together.

·         Donny and Marie Osmond sing great duets.

·         Jack and Jill fetch water and fall together.

·         Michael and Janet Jackson sing and dance together and apart.

·         Dick and Jane see Spot together.

·         Apollo and Artemis rule in Greek mythology together.

·         And finally, Zachary and Layla learn what????
Can you suggest famous literary/historical/mythological/cinematic brother/sister pairs? 

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